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Ah so I got paid and decided to treat my self to some Teavanna loose leaf tea because it's been awhile and while expensive I really do think that they have a good selection and variety of teas. My favorite assam has been retired for a while now so I've been looking for another suitable "easy drinking tea" something lightly sweet by its self and somewhat fruity. That's an everyday tea for me. So I was looking at the wall of tea tins and I saw two that said new on them so I had the associate bring it out for a sniff AND I FELL IN LOVE INSTANTLY. Not what I went in there for but was exactly what I've been wanting.

Upon smelling it, Jade citrus mint is a tea with a bright, sweet mint aroma complimented by the clean vegetal sent of the green tea base with just a hint of citrus but more in a lemon bar type way, the citrus was light, sweet and some what creamy.

The tea is absolutely amazing tasting and makes some of the best ice tea I've ever made at home. I just cant get enough of it. The mint is very powerful and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The citrus is only a hint but is also very refreshing. This tea is just incredibly refreshing all around. Refreshing is its middle name.

I do however recommend letting it steep a little longer than recommended if you want mintier tea. I've left it for 5 minutes with no problems and I think it really develops the mint leaves better.


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